Celebrate Halloween at Ocean Park tomorrow when the Park turns into Hong Kong’s largest haunting ground


30th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) This Halloween, take part in the scariest chapter of ghost stories yet at Ocean Park! Expect ghostly encounters when the gates open in the evening, before you discover the city’s most ghastly urban legends. The night only gets more haunted as the sky darkens! Horror awaits at the Park on 31st October! There will be six zones which included a Wasteland Warzone and Psycho Terro Zone, it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!

The frights begin at 5:00pm daily, when the Park turns into Hong Kong’s largest haunting ground. Ghostly encounters can happen anywhere – there are no boundaries! Visit the haunted housing estates in Waterfront Plaza to discover their ghastly urban legends! Experience scare after scare as spectres surround you in the Hungry Ghost Festival in Old Hong Kong! At 8:44 pm, prepare for an invasion of hungry ghosts throughout the Waterfront and Summit. The scares will escalate as the night goes on, building to a terrifying crescendo at 10:30pm when the ghosts will frenzy and go mad! Exclusive and ultimate terrors await anyone brave enough to experience our Premium Ticket-only VR Minibus Terror!

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