CCTV footage of one of the suspects who allegedly murdered socialite Abby Choi released, ex-husband still on the run (Updated: 11.55pm)

Insert Picture: Abby Choi. The pink Hermes bag left behind by the victim at the crime scene.

24th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) Abby Choi Tin-fung, a 28-year-old Chinese socialite and influencer residing in Hong Kong, was discovered dead on Monday. Choi was married to the son of the founder of TamJai Yunnan Mixian after divorcing her ex-husband surnamed Kwong. The authorities found her dismembered body in a village house located on Ting Kok Road, Lung Mei Village, Tai Po, which has sent shockwaves throughout the city.

Police found dismembered body parts of Choi in a village house on Ting Kok Road.

Following the discovery of Choi’s remains, the police have made three arrests in connection with her murder. Among the arrested individuals is the parents and elder brother (aged 31-65) of Choi’s ex-husband, who is still on the run and believed to be involved in the killing. The police are actively searching for him.

Choi’s body was found decapitated, with various body parts cooked and stored in a refrigerator. A male suspect, dressed in a black top and shorts, was captured on CCTV footage holding a large white plastic box, which he then loaded into a white seven-seater vehicle with the rear door open. According to sources, her head is still missing.

According to some neighbours, the village house where the murder took place had been vacant for several months, with no signs of activity. It was only about two weeks ago that the Kwong family arrived to renovate the unit, and as such, they had limited knowledge about the suspect family.

Officers and forensic experts began their search for evidence during daylight hours and continued to collect more as night fell. Many items were placed in cardboard boxes and transported to the police station for further examination.

The village house was newly rented. The interior of the house was found to be sparse, lacking in furniture, and containing unexpected items such as meat slicer, chainsaw, gloves and raincoat. Disturbingly, soup mixed with human tissues was also discovered in 2 pots within the property. minced human tissues were found scattered on the ground.

According to sources, Choi was preparing to pick up her daughter, whom she shared with her ex-husband, in Tai Po on 21st February, the day she went missing. A CCTV footage captured Choi before she disappeared.

Choi, whose family is wealthy has continued to financially support her ex-husband’s family, even after their divorce. This support extended to hiring the ex-husband’s brother as a private chauffeur. However, suspicions have arisen that some individuals may have had their eyes on Choi’s family fortune, which is valued at over HK$100 million. Tragically, Choi was murdered, and the police are currently searching for the ex-husband, Kwong who is believed to be the key suspect in the case.

Alan Chung Ngalun, Superintendent of Police Crime Kowloon West Regional Headquarters Operations finally revealed in a press conference this evening that on the morning of 22nd February, a 28-year-old woman named Choi was reported missing. According to authorities, she had last been seen on February 21st. An investigation was launched, and suspicions were raised about the circumstances of her disappearance. The Kowloon Crime Squad took over the case and conducted a thorough examination of the victim’s background. They interviewed a private driver who claimed to have been the last person to see Choi alive, who happened to be her ex-husband’s brother.

Alan Chung Ngalun, Superintendent of Police Crime Kowloon West Regional Headquarters Operations spoke to reporters this evening. Source: HK Police

As part of their investigation, the police also met with Choi’s ex-husband’s parents and attempted to locate the ex-husband himself. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the victim had been involved in a significant financial dispute with her ex-husband’s family. It appears that some of the individuals involved in this dispute were dissatisfied with Choi’s management of certain properties worth tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars, which ultimately led to her murder.

Several persons of interest in the investigation provided misleading information in an attempt to obstruct the inquiry. However, the police were able to decipher and analyse these false reports, and eventually uncovered a village house unit in Lung Mei Village, Tai Po. This unit had been newly rented by Choi’s ex-husband’s father earlier in the month.

Chung added that in a gruesome discovery made on the afternoon of the 24th, detectives executed a warrant and forcibly entered the rented village house. Upon searching the premises, they uncovered human body parts that had been stored in the refrigerator. Additionally, the authorities discovered some of the victim’s personal effects, including her pink Hermes bag, ID cards and credit cards. Based on the available evidence, law enforcement officials have concluded that the victim was the subject of a homicide.

Following the discovery, three suspects were taken into custody and are currently being held overnight for questioning by the police. They will be charged with murder later. Meanwhile, the police are actively pursuing the victim’s ex-husband, who is believed to be a fugitive. Officials are requesting that anyone with information related to the fugitive’s whereabouts come forward and contact the West Kowloon Serious Cases second team at 36618281 or 97029757.

One of the male suspects captured on CCTV footage carrying a plastic box to a 7-seater vehicle. Picture source: HK01.

CCTV footage captured Choi moments before she disappeared at 12.29pm on 21st February. Picture source: HK01