CCTV footage of 39-year-old man brutally killing 2 women at Plaza Hollywood exposed (GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING) (Updated: 10pm)

The murder suspect.

2nd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A terrifying slashing incident occurred at Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill at 5.14pm today. CCTV footage shows a 26-year-old woman being repeatedly stabbed at least 34 times with a knife by a 39-year-old male suspect. Her 22-year-old  female friend who tried to rescue her was also slashed in the neck, resulting in two deaths. The 26-year-old victim was the first to be certified dead while her 22-year-old friend was certified dead later.

The video shows the bald suspect wearing a white vest and black shorts walking into the mall corridor, where two women in black clothing with short and brown hair stepped out of a store. They stood in the corridor for a moment and chatted before the bald man suddenly attacked the short-haired woman with a sashimi knife, stabbing her at least four times in the back. She fell to the ground and tried to block with her hands, but the bald man stabbed her chest multiple times. The long-haired woman tried to rescue her friend, pushing the bald man into the store and pulling the short-haired woman away. However, the bald man continued attacking, stabbing the 26-year-old short-haired woman’s lower body. The long-haired woman again pushed the attacker away, but he continued to stab the short-haired woman, inflicting 11 wounds to her chest within 4 seconds. The short-haired woman was unable to get up and nearly lost consciousness while the long-haired woman tried to assess her injuries and was chased and slashed by the bald man.

After the gruesome attack, the 39-year-old suspect was seen standing at the edge of a fence in the shopping mall, staring coldly at the crime scene. Police officers, equipped with shields and suspected pepper spray guns, subdued him on the ground. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the attack. 

Online images show the male suspect in a white vest and shorts holding a knife and attacking a woman on the ground, with the victim showing signs of pain. In addition, a video clip shows someone performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the injured victim at the scene. It has been reported that the police found the murder weapon at the scene and suspect that the attacker exerted excessive force, causing the knife to bend.

Police have reclassified the case as murder.

The suspect.

CCTV footage captured the entire crime in process. GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING: This video contains graphic and disturbing images that may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. The video depicts violent and graphic scenes of physical harm, including blood, gore, and other graphic elements. The purpose of this video is to inform and educate viewers about the dangers of violence and the consequences of such actions. Please be aware that some viewers may find this video disturbing or triggering, and it is not recommended for children or those who are sensitive to graphic content.

The Hong Kong Red Cross has stated that feeling anxious or distressed is a normal response when accidents occur and has reminded the public to avoid repeatedly watching or sharing the above clip to avoid causing emotional distress. If someone is experiencing significant emotional distress, they can seek help from a professional. The Red Cross also advised parents to comfort their children and explain the situation in a clear and understandable manner if they have seen any such clips.

The Social Welfare Department (SWD) is urging members of the public to seek professional support if they experience any emotional distress after watching the video.The SWD operates a 24-hour hotline (2343 2255) to provide immediate telephone counselling, support, and referral services. Those in need can call the hotline for assistance. Additionally, the Hong Kong Red Cross has a hotline (5164 5040) that can also provide assistance.