CCTV footage exposes brazen HK$6m robbery at Causeway Bay watch store


28th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) At approximately 2pm today, LEGEND SUCCESS TIMEPIECE, a prominent watch store situated at 2-6, Foo Ming Street in the bustling district of Causeway Bay, fell victim to an audacious heist. The incident, captured by the store’s CCTV cameras, reveals the daring nature of the crime.

Three individuals, described as South Asian and concealing their identities with masks, forcefully entered the premises armed with hammers and machetes. Swiftly executing their plan, they seized around 30 high-end timepieces, with an estimated combined value of HK$6 million. The audacious thieves completed their operation in a matter of minutes before making a swift getaway.

The CCTV footage, which has now been made public, provides a chilling account of the robbery. At the precise moment the crime unfolded, a woman can be seen standing outside the store, attentively gazing at the display cases containing the exquisite timepieces. Unaware of the imminent danger, she proceeds to open the door to enter the shop. It is at this precise moment that one of the robbers, donning black attire and pink gloves, forcefully grabs the woman and throws her onto the road.

The other two masked perpetrators promptly rush into the store, one wielding a heavy hammer and violently shattering the glass display cases. The second accomplice, armed with a black bag, swiftly seizes the valuable timepieces from the shattered cabinets. The first assailant remains stationed at the entrance, ensuring a safe escape route for the group while keeping a lookout. With their mission accomplished, the trio flees the scene.

As for the woman who was initially entering the store, she stumbles onto the road, narrowly avoiding a potentially life-threatening incident, and quickly regains her composure. She manages to flee across the street, just as a private vehicle approaches and comes to a screeching halt, narrowly avoiding a collision. Notably, a motorcycle was parked outside the store, but its rider, witnessing the unfolding crime, swiftly departed the scene.