CCTV broadcasts the remains of Jiang Zemin during funeral session in Shanghai

Picture source: CCTV

2nd December 2022 – (Beijing) Jiang Zemin, the former president of the country and former general secretary of the Communist Party of China, suffered from leukemia combined with multiple organ failure. He subsequently passed away in Shanghai on Wednesday (30th November) at the age of 96. CCTV broadcast the video of Jiang Zemin’s remains yesterday.

According to reports, at 12.10pm yesterday, members of the Funeral Committee Office, relevant officials in Shanghai, Jiang Zemin’s family members and relatives, friends and medical staff bid farewell to Jiang Zemin’s body and escorted the coffin to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. People from all walks of life in Shanghai sent him off along the way. At 3.55pm, Jiang Zemin’s body was transported from Shanghai to Beijing’s western suburbs airport by a special plane. President Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang and other party and state leaders went to the airport and expressed deep condolences to Jiang Zemin’s family members and relatives.