Cathay Pacific to provide flight crews with activity recording procedure during first 7 days of arrival from overseas


25th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific stated that all crew members stationed in Hong Kong will be subject to medical surveillance until the 14th day after their arrival in Hong Kong, during which time they will be subject to multiple nucleic acid tests. They are also required to undergo daily rapid antigen tests, refrain from taking off any masks in public places, avoid going to crowded places and large gatherings, and record their personal whereabouts until the seventh day after their arrival in Hong Kong.

In the event of a violation, the designated status of the crew member will be cancelled. As there were allegations of underreporting or dismissal, Cathay Pacific decided to provide flight crews with an activity recording procedure to facilitate them to record and submit proof of leaving home during the first seven days of medical surveillance. In addition to the travel history recorded on their LeaveHomeSafe apps, other certifications required by the authorities are also needed. The procedure will only collect the information requested by the authorities.

The Transport and Housing Authority said airlines should be held accountable by monitoring the whereabouts of flight crew members and conducting regular checks. If the airline fails to monitor the compliance of the flight crew with due diligence, the designation of the crew members will be cancelled.