Cathay Pacific to layoff more pilots, office and support staff in June, sources


20th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) Staff and Workers Union of Hong Kong Civil Airlines disclosed today that Cathay Pacific will lay off staff again in June. Affected employees including office staff, support staff and pilots who fly the Boeing 777. The relevant personnel inquired with the management, but no direct response was given.

The union criticised the response as ambiguous, prompting Cathay Pacific to announce the situation as soon as possible to avoid panic among the staff. Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific stated that it would not respond to the rumours.

According to the union, the employer may launch a paid leave plan for employees. The idea is that employees who take 9 months of unpaid leave can enjoy one month’s salary, those who take 12 months of unpaid leave can enjoy two months’ salary. The implementation time is to be announced.

The Chairman of The Staff and Workers Union of Hong Kong Civil Airlines pointed out that since the layoff news of Cathay Pacific was leaked, the union has inquired about the situation with Cathay Pacific, and received a reply that the speed of recovery of the aviation industry under the epidemic is unknown and that it is temporarily capable of maintaining existing employees. However, it emphasised that it needs to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach and did not provide further information on the rumours of layoffs.

Under the epidemic, many employees have been forced to take unpaid leave and their monthly salary has dropped by 11% to 25%.