Cathay Pacific spokesperson responds to Flight Attendants’ Union statement on CX987 incident


25th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific Director Service Delivery Mandy Ng has responded to the statement made by the Flight Attendants’ Union (FAU) regarding the incident experienced by one of Cathay Pacific’s customers on flight CX987 on 21st May, 2023. Ng clarified that the FAU is an independent trade union and does not represent the company in any way. She also emphasised that Cathay Pacific does not condone, support, or agree with the FAU’s position on the matter, and that the company communicates directly with its crew through multiple online and in-person channels. Ng reiterated Cathay Pacific’s commitment to continuously improving its service quality and looking after the interests and well-being of its people.

The response came after Cathay Pacific fired three flight attendants on Tuesday night for allegedly discriminating against and laughing at mainland passengers who requested a “carpet” instead of a “blanket.” The FAU expressed their disappointment at the untrue allegations and online rumours that have targeted frontline crew members. The union referred to guidelines that allow flight attendants to request photos or videos of them to be deleted if passengers record them without consent. The union also referred to company policies that adopt a “zero-tolerance” approach towards passengers who refuse to abide by the rules and the code of conduct.

The union expressed their disappointment that they only had bad news to report, but they expect Cathay Pacific to support staff to protect themselves and provide relevant instructions. They noted that flight attendants are frustrated due to labor shortages and exhausting shift rosters, but they will continue to deliver professional services and treat passengers and colleagues from different cultures equally.