Cathay Pacific may start sending out letters of dismissal as soon as early next week


18th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific Airways, and its subsidiary Cathay Dragon Airways have refused to apply for the second phase of the Employment Support Scheme. There is widespread rumours that Cathay Pacific will start sending letters of dismissal as soon as early next week. Some labour unions believe that Cathay Pacific has not yet explained the relevant details and they urged the company to meet with the labour unions as soon as possible. They should find ways to increase revenue to avoid the loss of local talents caused by layoffs.

Some trade unions pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic, employees have been “suffering for more than half a year.” Many of them have spent their savings and are forced to switch to other airlines to work. Hong Kong government has recently discussed with other cities to establish a “travel bubble”, and the aviation industry will soon usher in the traditional peak seasons such as Christmas and Lunar New Year. The Cathay Pacific’s layoffs will cause the loss of a large number of talents in Hong Kong, and it will be more difficult to arrange and control in the future manpower. Regarding Cathay Pacific’s earlier threats that restructuring is inevitable, it is believed that layoffs are by no means the only option. Cathay Pacific can also find ways to increase revenue, such as adding local Flycation flights. If Cathay Pacific must lay off employees, it should also take care of their livelihoods and provide generous severance pay to the laid-off employees to help them tide over the immediate difficulties.