Cathay Pacific introduces positive changes to pilot remuneration structure


21st September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific has announced further enhancements to its pilot remuneration structure.

The pay structure for Cathay Pacific pilots comprises several components, including monthly basic salary, allowances, and productivity pay. At the beginning of 2023, the airline implemented a 3.3% increment to the basic salary and productivity pay for all pilots who reached their target hours. Additionally, allowances for certain ranks were increased. Subsequently, Cathay Pacific introduced further positive changes, including revisions to the calculation of productivity pay.

To ensure ongoing engagement with its pilots and gather their perspectives on various matters, Cathay Pacific regularly communicates with them. Drawing from this process and continuous review of remuneration, the company plans to introduce a new allowance starting from January 2024. This allowance aims to minimize the impact of roster changes on pilots and provide greater stability to their take-home pay.

As part of its operations, Cathay Pacific occasionally needs to make schedule or aircraft type changes to better serve its passengers and cargo customers. Under the new remuneration structure, if a pilot’s hours are reduced due to company-initiated roster changes, such as flight cancellations, delays, training flight replacements, or aircraft type switches, the airline will make efforts to assign new duties to minimize the reduction in hours. In cases where the hours cannot be replaced within the same month, pilots will be compensated for up to 50% of the shortfall in hours.

Captain Chris Kempis, Director Flight Operations, expressed satisfaction with the positive change and emphasized the airline’s commitment to engaging with its pilots. He acknowledged the valuable feedback received from pilots through various channels and platforms and reiterated the company’s dedication to listening to their views and implementing viable and sustainable changes.

In addition to the remuneration enhancements, eligible pilots will also receive a Special Appreciation Reward announced by the Cathay Group for employees who have remained with the Group throughout the pandemic. This reward, equivalent to up to six weeks of eligible pay, will be disbursed in the September payroll. Furthermore, a new profit-sharing scheme applicable to the financial years 2023 to 2025 has been announced, providing an additional avenue for pilots to benefit from the company’s success.