Cathay Pacific flight CX101 bound for Sydney returns to Hong Kong after 3 hours of departure due to captain’s illness


12th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific Airways flight CX101 to Sydney, Australia, scheduled to depart from Hong Kong last night (11th), abruptly returned to Hong Kong approximately three hours after takeoff, leaving passengers displeased. Today (12th), netizens reported to Hong Kong’s online news platform that the flight, originally scheduled to depart from Hong Kong for Sydney at 11.55pm on the previous night, experienced a sudden return to Hong Kong three hours after takeoff. At that time, the captain did not immediately inform the passengers, but rather made the announcement when the aircraft was still an hour away from landing in Hong Kong, which caused dissatisfaction among some passengers.

According to real-time flight monitoring website “flightradar24,” the flight turned back near the Sangeh Islands in the vicinity of the Philippines, a significant distance from its intended destination. A spokesperson for Cathay Pacific Airlines stated that the scheduled CX101 flight from Hong Kong to Sydney, originally planned for departure at 11.55pm on the previous day (11th), had the captain feeling unwell during the course of the flight. After a medical evaluation deemed it unsuitable for the captain to continue duty, the decision was made to return to Hong Kong in accordance with established safety procedures. The flight safely landed at Hong Kong International Airport at 6.30am this morning (12th).

The Cathay Pacific spokesperson further mentioned that an alternative crew was promptly assigned to operate the flight, and CX101 departed for Sydney again at 9.17am today (12th). During the delay, arrangements were made for business class passengers to rest in the VIP lounge, and meal vouchers were distributed to economy class passengers. The airline deeply expressed its apologies for the inconvenience caused to customers due to this incident.