Cat trapped under Tesla car in Sham Shui Po rescued with the help of firefighters and PAWS GUARDIAN RESCUE SHELTER founder


25th May 2024 – (Hong Kong)  A cat became trapped beneath a Tesla electric car, leading to a collaborative rescue operation involving firefighters and Kent, the founder of PAWS GUARDIAN RESCUE SHELTER. The rescue operation lasted for approximately two and a half hours before the cat was successfully freed. Onlookers applauded and gathered around to capture the touching moment, as Kent lifted the cat triumphantly above his head. Many expressed their gratitude to the firefighters and Kent, acknowledging their collaborative efforts in saving the cat’s life. Messages of appreciation flooded in, with people thanking all those involved for their compassionate and dedicated assistance.

The police received a report at approximately 5.27pm today, alerting them to the sound of a cat’s cries coming from the rear wheel of a privately-owned vehicle near the Wonder Building on Fuk Wa Street in Sham Shui Po. The authorities suspected that a cat was trapped, but their presence was not required as the fire department had already been notified and dispatched to the scene. The firefighters successfully rescued the cat at around 6.24pm and immediately informed the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Videos captured by netizens revealed the desperate cries of the cat emanating from beneath the car. Firefighters and Kent used a flashlight to locate the cat’s position near the rear wheel and employed various tools to reach it, even resorting to using cat treats as an incentive. The cat appeared lively and spirited, its eyes brimming with energy. Onlookers cheered and applauded, exclaiming, “Well done!” and remarking on the cat’s small and adorable size.

Due to the cat’s extreme fright, it repeatedly squeezed in and out between the two rear wheels, making it difficult for anyone to reach it. Determined to rescue the cat, the team had to dismantle certain car components, a process that took approximately two and a half hours. Kent expressed his admiration for the male car owner, praising his patience and willingness to allow them to dismantle parts of his new car for the sake of the cat’s rescue. The cat, estimated to be around one month old, was found to be in good health but extremely hungry. After being saved, it quickly devoured a can of cat food. Currently, the cat is receiving a thorough examination at the PAWS GUARDIAN veterinary clinic and will undergo a period of isolation before arrangements are made for its adoption.