Cat rescued after being trapped underneath bus in Mong Kok for 2 hours


30th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A cat found itself in a precarious situation when it darted under a bus in Mong Kok. The incident occurred at around 6pm today, as a 296C Kowloon Motor Bus was travelling along Nathan Road towards Sham Shui Po. Near the intersection of Nathan Road and Lai Chi Kok Road, close to Pioneer Centre, the feline unexpectedly dashed out onto the road and disappeared beneath the bus.

Quick to react, the bus driver promptly halted the vehicle and reported the incident. Determined to free the trapped cat, the driver attempted to grab its tail but was unsuccessful in his efforts. The Hong Kong Fire Services Department was immediately summoned to the scene. Concerned locals also gathered, some enticing the distressed feline with cans of cat food, while others brought their own cats in an attempt to coax it out.

Eyewitnesses reported that the cat initially sought refuge near the rear wheels of the bus but managed to navigate its way towards the front before ultimately leaping onto the ground. After nearly two hours of tireless efforts, the fire department successfully rescued the stranded cat at approximately 8.10pm. The incident caused temporary traffic congestion as a portion of the carriageway on Nathan Road, in the direction of Cheung Sha Wan Road, had to be temporarily closed. However, the road was reopened shortly after.

The bus driver recounted the incident, explaining that upon spotting the cat near the roadside, he had reduced the vehicle’s speed. However, to his surprise, the cat suddenly darted out and sought refuge underneath the bus. The driver acted swiftly, bringing the bus to an immediate halt. Despite his attempts to gently pull the cat by its tail, the feline managed to escape and sought shelter in its final hiding spot.