Carrie Lam urges citizens not to relax and to spend Lunar New Year in peace


12th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, met with reporters before attending the executive meeting this morning (12th). She said that the epidemic has continued to rebound in recent days. The environment and nature of the cluster outbreak are worrying, including hospitals, homes for the elderly, and large construction sites.

Some of the confirmed cases have a wide range of close contacts including paramedics. She understands that the citizens are tired from fighting the epidemic, but now it is not the time to relax and she expects the citizens to “spend Lunar New Year in peace”.

Regarding the arrest of more than 50 pan-democrats under National Security Law, Carrie Lam said that she would not comment on the case, but said that everyone is equal before the law. If they hold a certain political concept and are not subject to legal sanctions, it is not in line with the spirit of the law. She criticised some people for discrediting the National Security Law and stressing that the National Security Law has become the law of Hong Kong.

She also pointed out that in recent days, the weather has been severely cold, and she urged everyone to wear more clothes, be careful and be safe when using the heater. They take care of the elderly at home. She mentioned that the epidemic situation has slowed down in the past few weeks, but it is still rampant.

The global epidemic has set new records almost daily. There are currently about 90 million confirmed cases worldwide. The government will continue to adhere to the foreign import policy, hoping that those stranded abroad will understand. As for Hong Kong, the government needs the support of every citizen to reduce unnecessary social gatherings. The Lunar New Year may have to be spent in a calm environment. She also quoted the Director-General of WHO as saying maybe citizens are not listening anymore to the authorities. She thinks that everyone can contribute to the epidemic prevention work. She once again thanked the citizens for their understanding and cooperation.

Regarding the BNO issue, Carrie Lam said that Hong Kong had a lot of concerns before its return. China and the United Kingdom had a consensus on BNO. She pointed out that the current situation is that some people unilaterally deviate from the consensus, but they do not know that there is any specific plan to discuss. The SAR currently has no measures to deal with it, but believes that in the face of unreasonable foreign sanctions, there is no reason to “do nothing,” and the SAR will cooperate with the central government.

However, she emphasised that although relevant initiatives were recently put forward by members of the Executive Council, the Council did not discuss them.

As for vaccines, Carrie Lam pointed out that the government is actively studying how to start vaccination. She also pointed out that the government would not provide financial incentives. She emphasised that the Hong Kong government should give two injections on time and prepare enough quantities. However, vaccination can only be voluntary. If the “mandatory” policy is pushed, the concern will be counterproductive. However, she believes that social vaccination will be beneficial to the public in the future.