Carrie Lam reiterates that no Independent Inquiry Commission would be set up during media session before LegCo meeting (Updated)


13th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive Carrie Lam met up with reporters before the commencement of the Legislative Council meeting at 10.20am today. She condemned the actions of protesters who caused the airport to be disrupted yesterday and some who blocked major roads, Cross Harbour Tunnel, besieged and vandalised police stations. Molotov cocktails were hurled at police officers resulting in one of them sustained injuries. Police and their family members were continuously attacked by civilians on social media She berated the protesters’ actions for instilling fear in police’s families after she visited some of them who resided in Wong Tai Sin Disciplined Services Quarters. These attacks have resulted in civil unrest in the society.

She said many civilians were worried to go out due to the clashes on a daily basis and especially during weekends.

The illegal destructions by radical protesters have marred the rule of law in Hong Kong. She emphasised that the priority of the government would be to tackle the violence in the society and to uphold the rule of law.

During Q&A session, one reporter asked her to answer when she would step down due to the widespread anger in the society. She avoided the question directly and commended the police’s swift actions. Those who broke the law would be prosecuted in accordance with the law. She reiterated that no Independent Inquiry Commission would be set up as there is already existing mechanism in place to take care of any complaints against the police.

Carrie Lam also responded to media reporters that she needed more confirmed details of the injuries of the girl who was shot by bean bag round in TST two days ago before she could make any comments. She wished for the speedy recovery of the girl and urged the injured victim to file a report with police to assist investigations. She referred to the ‘decoyed operations’ by police officers during the clearance in TST and defended their actions for disguising as protesters. Police had also exercised their reasonable and professional judgment by following their code of practice to storm into the MTR Kwai Chung Station to commence clearance by firing tear gas. Reporters questioned the actions of police for undermining the safety of civilians during the clearance.

She emphasised that her chief and utmost responsibility is to ensure that Hong Kong is safe by upholding the rule of law, to rebuild the economy in the city and to listen to the people.. She would need to accord her full support for the enforcement officials.

Meanwhile, she avoided to answer directly question as to whether S.A.R. Hong Kong Government had the autonomy to withdraw the amended Extradition Bill. She refused to give a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ despite being pressurised by several reporters and said she had already responded to the question on previous occasions.

The media conference ended with a ruckus as many reporters were angered by her lack of response. One reporter shouted at her when she was leaving, ‘Mrs Lam, many civilians asked when you are going to die!’ while another shouted, ‘ Where is your conscience?’