Carrie Lam decries violence and emphasises on the importance of open dialogue with people to restore order in society


10th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive held a media conference again at 9.45am today. In the beginning of her speech, she referred to the massive destruction caused by radical protesters at the airport and multiple MTR stations. She was grateful to Airport Authority, MTR, other public transport operators and enforcement officials for successfully impeding the ‘stress test’ movement carried out by protesters.

However, due to the complexity of MTR transport system, it was more difficult to minimise damage done to the stations. Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and Central MTR stations were severely vandalised by radical protesters. Carrie Lam highlighted her visit to Central MTR Station yesterday to access the extent of damages. She further thanked MTR for carrying out repair works overnight and she felt heart pain to see ruination carried out by these merciless and ruthless radical protesters.

She then said that the ravages committed by the radical protesters have superseded the original peaceful demand for withdrawal of the Extradition Bill. Vengeance, anger and polarisation in the society have risen to a whole new level. It is imminent for the government and Hong Kongers to suppress violence. She also reminded the public not to simply believe fake news circulated on social media without first verifying the facts.

Carrie Lam mentioned again the importance of open dialogue session with people. She said that many organisations have approached the government to engage in dialogue sessions with the government and most of them preferred closed-door meetings. She expressed that the government would also arrange for dialogue sessions at the district level to get closer to the community.

She reiterated the importance of rule of law in Hong Kong and pointed out that the U.S. Government congress has attempted to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in the past and the government is definitely not impressed by foreign powers attempting to use their local law to interfere with the internal affairs of Hong Kong.

A reporter then asked her about the comment by Executive councillor Fanny Law that there are young girls offering free sex to frontline protesters, she merely referred to it as her personal comment and she said that any speculation should be clarified and government will endeavour to quash any unfounded rumours at all times.

To end the current rift in the society, it is vital for the government and the people of Hong Kong to say no to violence. Meanwhile, government is also gearing up to go into the community to engage in open dialogue session with the people.