Carrie Lam announces 5-day lockdown for Ying Kwai House, 4 other buildings in the estate subject to lockdown testing as 105 Stealth Omicron cases reported (Updated: 6.40pm)


22nd January 2022 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive Carrie Lam said during a press conference at 6pm today that further measures will be taken to stop the worsening epidemic situation. As of 4.30pm, there were 105 cases related to buildings in Kwai Chung Estate, 96 cases in Yat Kwai House, 8 cases in Ying Kwai House, and 1 case in Hiu Kwai House. Lam is concerned with an exponential outbreak of cases.

The first case started in the garbage room of Yat Kwai House involving the husband of the Pakistani woman at Tung Moon House who was infected at Silka Seaview Hotel. He was suspected to have pass the virus to the cleaners at Yat Kwai House. One cleaner lives on the 14th floor of Ying Kwai House and the other cleaner lives in Hiu Kwai House. The Housing Department had already inquired about the outsourced contractors, one of them cleaned the 16 buildings of the whole Estate.

She announced that from now on, Ying Kwai House will be under lockdown for 5 days. Food will not be provided to the residents this evening. 3 meals will be provided starting tomorrow. Yat Kwai House is also under a 5-day lockdown. Residents at Chin Kwai House, Hiu Kwai House, Nga Kwai House, Yuk Kwai House will also be subject to compulsory testing. She said that the variant virus in Yat Kwai House cluster has been confirmed to be Omicron BA.2 commonly known as Stealth Omicron and the epidemic can spread rapidly within 2 or 3 days. She pointed out that the first case occurred on 20th January who infected 9 others but as of yesterday (21st), the cases had spiked to 20 and the total has soared to 105 cases today. Residents at Kwai Chung Estate engaging in high risk jobs have been advised not to go to work.

Meanwhile, the government also announced that the chances of existing social distancing measures being relaxed will be very low after 4th February.