Car workshop in Tsz Wan Shan catches fire and explodes, firemen put out flames


9th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) At around 11pm yesterday, a loud explosion at a closed car workshop at 48 Tsui Fong Street, Tsz Wan Shan suddenly erupted and there were objects smoking and burning. A resident nearby called thee police for help. The firemen arrived at the scenee, forced open the shop’s roller shutter before putting out the fire.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire and no evacuation was required. After investigation, it was initially believed that there was a short circuit in the garage that caused a fire, and CLP staff later visited the site.

There were many garages around the site. In April 2015, a fire accident occurred on the nearby Wan Fung Street. A LPG taxi suddenly exploded during repair and caught fire. A staff member and a taxi driver were flung to the street as a result of the impact. The fire spread quickly, affecting shops around the building and 6 vehicles parked nearby. The fire caused the owner of the garage, a taxi driver and a female proprietor of an adjacent shop to be killed. A total of 9 others were injured.