Car plate auction generates over HK$2.04 million in total sales with “EA 8888” fetching the highest price of HK$88,000


1st April 2023 – (Hong Kong) Transport Department auctioned off 330 vehicle registration numbers today (1st April) at the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre. Out of which, 290 numbers were sold, and the remaining 28 numbers were allocated to applicants for a special fee of HK$1,000 each. The highest bid of the day was for the registration number “EA 8888” which sold for HK$88,000, making it the most expensive registration number sold at the auction, with a total of HKD 2.04 million raised.

The second-highest bid of the day was for the registration number “XX 982”, which sold for HK$72,000. Other registration numbers that sold for high prices include “TP 88” which sold for HK$62,000, “VH 6” which sold for HK$52,000, and “AH 988” which sold for HK$44,000.

There were still 12 registration numbers left unsold at the end of the auction. Buyers should note that the allocated registration number can only be used for the car registered under their name, and the registration procedure must be completed within 12 months.