Cantopop star Calvin Choy’s daughter celebrates 18th birthday with star-studded bash


    25th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Calvin Choy, a veteran singer and member of the renowned Cantopop group Grasshopper, along with his wife Winessa Chow, has been leading a happy and harmonious family life with their two children. Joining them is Gigi, the daughter of Winessa Chow from her previous marriage. Recently, their daughter, China Choy, celebrated her 18th birthday with a grand party.

    The birthday celebration was attended by several celebrities, including fellow Grasshopper singer Edmund So, Remus Choy, Chow Man-kei, Niki Chow, Jade Kwan and her husband, Sandy Lamb, and others.

    China, dressed elegantly in a stylish evening gown, exuded a strong sense of fashion. Her resemblance to her mother, Winessa Chow, has become more apparent over time. China is currently studying at Hong Kong’s most expensive private independent school, The ISF Academy. The tuition fees for the 11th and 12th grades amount to a staggering HK$279,290.

    During the birthday celebration, China expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her parents for their 18 years of nurturing and care. Her lively and spirited nature added to the joyful atmosphere of the event.