Canadian actress Samantha Weinstein passes away at 28 after battle with ovarian cancer

    Samantha Weinstein

    29th May 2023 – (Vancouver) Actress Samantha Weinstein, known for her role in the 2013 remake of Stephen King’s Carrie, passed away at the age of 28 on 14th May. The Canadian actress had been battling a rare form of ovarian cancer since 2021. Weinstein’s family announced her death on her Instagram page, sharing images of her peacefully floating against a celestial background.

    Weinstein began her career as a child actor in 2003, with her first role on the Canadian series The Red Green Show. She went on to appear in various television series, including The Winning Season (2004), Wild Card (2005), The Border (2008), Less Than Kind (2010), Alias Grace (2018), and Burden of Truth (2020). Weinstein also starred in the Toni Collette-led film Jesus Henry Christ in 2011 and had a prolific career as a voice actor, lending her voice to animated series such as Kingdom Force, Babar and the Adventures of Badou, Let’s Go Luna!, The ZhuZhus, and Dino Ranch.

    In the 2013 Carrie remake, Weinstein played the role of Heather, a high school bully who torments the title character and ultimately suffers the consequences at prom. Weinstein’s father, David, described her as “a living embodiment of a sunbeam” and said that “she was so full of positive energy, anyone who ever met herwould say that she just lit up every room she walked into.”

    Weinstein married her partner Michael Knutson in October 2020, and the couple went on a belated honeymoon in Japan last month. After battling cancer for two and a half years, Weinstein’s family said that she was “off on her next adventure.”

    Weinstein’s death is a tragic loss for the entertainment industry, and her positive energy and talent will be missed. Her legacy as an actress and voice actor will continue to live on through her work, and her strength in the face of cancer is an inspiration to many.