Cafe Seasons in Central owned by Jimmy Lai’s son serves unfresh tea to customers


1st March 2020 – (Hong Kong) Cafe Seasons on Wellington Street in Central was scorned by netizens two days ago for serving unfresh ice lemon tea amidst the coronavirus outbreak. The restaurant is apparently owned by the second son of Jimmy Lai, the Apple Daily owner who was recently charged by police for participating in an illegal assembly in August last year.

Many netizens commented that it was not the first time the ice lemon tea was unfresh. Many said that they have had similar unpleasant experiences at the foot outlet.

The ice lemon tea was served again to another customer.
The customer posted his ordeal on Facebook.

The customer who first posted on his Facebook shared his ordeal at the cafe at 1pm on 26th February. He ordered a roast pork rice with egg and an ice lemon tea without sugar but the waiter served him a pre-packed ice lemon tea with sugar. The waiter then took his drink with his yellow straw and put back in the fridge. The customer was observing the entire process as he was shocked when the waiter put it back into the fridge. Moments later, the waiter took his drink with the same straw out from the fridge before serving it to another male customer. He immediately complained to the waiter but instead, the waiter defended his action and said that he had already thrown away the drink the customer returned earlier. The waiter even showed him the disposed drink in the bin. However, the customer checked the drink in the bin and found out that it was ice tea and not the same ice lemon tea that was disposed of.

Feeling intimidated, the waiter then shouted at the customer and said, ‘So what do you want me to do? Throw all my drinks in the fridge away?’ He told the customer that he ordered a replacement and hence he assumed that he did not drink it. The customer then responded, ‘If I didn’t drink it, how did I know it was sweet as I have ordered ice lemon tea without sugar?’

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department received the complaint and expressed yesterday that they have already commenced investigation on the incident. Despite the fact the management of the eatery has made an apology on social media, most netizens are still aggrieved over the incident.

In October last year, three Japanese restaurants in Central and Sheung Wan owned by Jimmy Lai’s son were splashed by red and blue paint.