Bus passenger criticised online for refusing to allow young girl to leave her seat next to him


18th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A video clip lasting about 45 seconds has gone viral online since yesterday. In the video, an elderly man dressed in a red shirt and a duckbill cap is seen sitting on the upper deck of a bus beside a young girl. Despite having spare seats available nearby, the man refused to let the girl get off the bus when she requested to do so. He even shouted at her and continued to refuse to make way for her even after the bus driver intervened. Netizens condemned the man’s behaviour, accusing him of attempting to intimidate and harass the girl.

According to sources, the incident occurred on Wednesday (15th March) evening on Citybus No. 967X, which runs between Tin Shui Wai and Causeway Bay. A passenger recorded the incident and shared it on social media. The bus driver also intervened after being alerted by the distressed passenger.

Despite the bus driver’s repeated appeals for the man to make way for the girl, the man still refused to budge and even asked, “Do you think I am going to assault her?” When the bus driver urged him to “let the girl go” and “let everyone be at peace,” the man shouted back, “Why should I? Is she the empress?” He even declared, “I’m not afraid of her hitting me.”

The girl, who was sitting by the window on the upper deck, appeared to be tearful and reached up to wipe her eyes at one point. Netizens expressed outrage at the man’s behaviour, with many describing him as “disgraceful” and accusing him of having malicious intent. Some even suggested that the girl should report the incident as a case of sexual harassment.

A netizen shared the incident on social media.