Bus enthusiast’s dedication captivates online audience with self-supplied steering wheel


23rd November 2023 – (Hong Kong) An avid admirer of buses in Hong Kong has won over countless internet users with his unmistakable passion for the art of bus driving. This unusual enthusiast, armed with his own steering wheel, has been spotted fully immersed in the act of ‘driving’ while seated aboard a city bus, with his precise actions and serious demeanour earning him praises from numerous online spectators.

A video that has been gaining traction online showcases this bus enthusiast, an older gentleman, seated in the front row of the bus’s upper deck, steering wheel in hand. His focus is undivided as he engages in the act of ‘driving’, whether it is taking turns, reversing, or being mindful of the road conditions on both sides. His meticulousness and smooth execution of each driving move have led many internet users to comment on how happiness can be found in simple pleasures.

However, some eagle-eyed netizens pointed out an oversight in the self-appointed driver’s meticulous simulation — the absence of a safety belt. Whether this was a simple lapse or a conscious decision remains unknown, but the omission did not detract from the overall entertainment drawn from this unique spectacle.