Bus collision in Sheung Wan district leads to seven casualties and traffic disruption


24th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Late in the night on 24th November, a serious bus collision unfolded in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong. The incident involved KMB Route 961 and Citybus Route 969, both of which were headed towards the Central district via Connaught Road Central.

The two buses were reportedly travelling alongside the Shun Tak Centre when they suddenly collided, resulting in a severe damage to the front of the KMB bus. The Citybus, however, continued its trajectory, ploughing into a nearby bus stop shelter. Preliminary reports indicate that the accident resulted in seven injuries, including both bus drivers and passengers from both vehicles. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

The impact of the collision left the Citybus blocking the road, obstructing two lanes and the bus stop, while the KMB bus hindered the fast lane. Consequently, Connaught Road Central towards the Central district was entirely shut down. The bus stop shelter’s metal supports were visibly lodged into the front of the Citybus, specifically the route sign and body of the vehicle.

By 12.40am, emergency services had managed to push the KMB bus aside, freeing up a lane to manage traffic flow. It is understood that the Citybus had slowed down and veered towards the bus stop to pick up a passenger, which the following KMB bus failed to anticipate, leading to a collision with the Citybus’s rear and subsequently pushing it into the bus stop.

A spokesperson for Citybus confirmed that around 12.05am on 24th November, one of their buses on Route 969, en route from Tin Shui Wai Town Centre to Causeway Bay, was struck from behind by another bus while stopping at the Macau Ferry Terminal stop. This collision pushed the Citybus forward into the bus stop shelter. The Citybus driver and at least two passengers sustained minor injuries and were hospitalised. Both the front of the Citybus and the bus stop shelter suffered damage. Citybus pledged full cooperation with the police investigation into the accident.