Building safety concerns addressed as falling concrete injures pedestrian in May Sun Builiding, Kennedy Town


10th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 60-year-old tenement building, May Sun Building, located on Kennedy Town New Praya, experienced concrete peeling from its exterior walls, resulting in injuries to a male pedestrian. The incident occurred last night (9th) when fragments of concrete fell from the building’s facade, striking the passerby. Responding to the incident, the Buildings Department confirmed that upon receiving notification from the police, their officers arrived at the scene to conduct an inspection. They determined that the overall structural integrity of the building did not pose any immediate danger. However, there were still loose parts that needed to be removed. As a precautionary measure, the affected pedestrian walkway has been temporarily cordoned off for public safety.

Due to the delay in action by the building’s owner-incorporated owners’ committee, who failed to engage a contractor promptly, the Buildings Department took immediate action and arranged for government-appointed contractors to remove the loose concrete fragments. The necessary expenses for the removal will be billed to the relevant owners in accordance with the Buildings Ordinance.

The department’s personnel who conducted the inspection discovered that on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the May Sun Building facing the Kennedy Town waterfront, there was peeling concrete measuring approximately 180cm by 60cm. Apart from arranging the removal of the loose concrete, the Buildings Department has also instructed the incorporated owners’ committee to carry out further follow-up and surveys. The department assures the public that they will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure public safety.

The incident took place at around 7.30pm yesterday when the police received a report regarding the concrete peeling from the exterior wall of the May Sun Building, a tenement located beside Kennedy Town New Praya. The fallen concrete fragments landed on the canopy and subsequently struck a 60-year-old male pedestrian, causing a head injury. The injured pedestrian was conscious and immediately transported to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment. The size of the peeled concrete area measured approximately 2 feet by 1 foot, and the resulting debris scattered on the ground, with each fragment ranging from 5 to 10 centimetres in length. The largest piece was slightly smaller than a clenched fist. Bloodstains were visible at the scene.