BTS Proof Exhibition coming to HK in June-July, featuring solo documentaries of J-Hope and Suga


24th May 2023- (Hong Kong) BTS fans in Hong Kong are in for a treat as the BTS Proof Exhibition makes its way to the city from 16th June to 16th July. The exhibition will showcase the members’ lives through videos, photographs, installations, and limited-edition merchandise. Additionally, 11 cinemas in Hong Kong will screen two solo BTS documentaries featuring J-Hope and Suga. The exhibition coincides with the group’s upcoming anniversary on 13th June and ARMY’s birthday on 9th July.

The exhibition’s title refers to the group’s eponymous anthology album, and while the venue and ticket prices are yet to be announced, fans are already expressing their excitement on social media. Los Angeles is also holding a similar exhibition that takes fans through an immersive visual journey, showcasing set creations from the group’s music videos and exclusive photographs of the members.

Since BTS’ debut in 2013, the group has broken Guinness World Records, released record-breaking tracks, won global awards, and championed Asian representation in the music scene. Despite taking a break from group activities, the seven-member band has had non-stop releases, including solo albumscollaborative singles, luxury brand ambassadorships, solo performances, and much more.

BTS has performed several times in Hong Kong, including four shows for the BTS Love Yourself World Tour at the AsiaWorld-Expo in 2019, and made appearances and won awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), which was held in Hong Kong until 2018. With such a strong connection to the city, it’s no surprise that the BTS exhibition is coming to Hong Kong, and fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to see exclusive photographs, videos, and other installations.