Brutal attack on female employee in back alley of rice noodle shop in Tai Po leaves her injured


24th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Around 11pm yesterday, a female employee, approximately 31 years old, was brutally attacked by three knife-wielding assailants as she walked out of a rice noodle shop named “Brother Ben” on Chui Lok Street, in Tai Po. The vicious attackers swiftly fled the scene in a private vehicle after carrying out the assault. The victim, who sustained injuries to her left forearm, managed to return to the shop to seek help from her colleagues, who promptly alerted the authorities. She was later transported to the hospital for medical treatment by an ambulance, while the police arrived at the scene to initiate an investigation. Disturbingly, a significant amount of bloodstains could be observed at the entrance of the shop.

According to sources, the injured woman had been working at the rice noodle shop for approximately a month. Her shift typically started at 5pm and lasted until midnight. There were no apparent conflicts between her and her co-workers or any other individuals. Usually, due to the excessive weight of the garbage bin combined with the trash, two employees, including the victim, would dispose of the waste in the adjacent back alley. However, on a fateful night, with a relatively smaller amount of garbage, the victim proceeded alone to discard it, unaware of the ambush awaiting her.

The police stated that they received a report from an employee of a restaurant at 11.22pm on the 23rd, located at 11 Tsui Lok Street. The report indicated that a 31-year-old female colleague named So was suspected to have been attacked by three men with knives in the vicinity. The motive behind the attack is unknown. The perpetrators fled the scene in a private vehicle. Upon receiving the report, police officers arrived and conducted a preliminary investigation. The case has been classified as assault causing bodily harm and is being handled by the Criminal Investigation Team of the Tai Po Police District, 7th Division. No arrests have been made at this time. So sustained injuries to her hand and was conscious when she was transported to Prince of Wales Hospital for treatment.