Bruneian singer Wu Chun takes family ski trip, daughter mastering the slopes in just two tries


    28th November 2023 – (Suzhou) In the picturesque city of Suzhou, China, Chinese-born Bruneian singer, actor, and entrepreneur Wu Chun, known for his dedication to family life, recently embarked on a weekend ski adventure with his loved ones. Wu Chun, who frequently shares heartwarming family photos on his social media platforms, took the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with his wife and children at an indoor ski resort. The outing proved to be a delightful experience, showcasing both Wu Chun’s ski skills and his daughter’s impressive progress on the slopes.

    One particular snapshot captured Wu Chun striking a confident pose, exuding sheer excitement and confidence on the ski slopes. However, another photo captured a hilariously contrasting moment when his son, Max, playfully targeted his father with a snowball, catching him by surprise and resulting in a comical expression on Wu Chun’s face. Sharing his enthusiasm for the winter season, Wu Chun expressed his anticipation for exploring China with his family every weekend. Growing up in a tropical country, he acknowledged his relative unfamiliarity with skiing but emphasised the importance of indoor practice before venturing to conquer the natural snow-covered mountains.

    The family ski trip extended beyond Wu Chun’s own skiing prowess, as his daughter, Nei Nei, showcased her own remarkable skills on social media. It was revealed that the family’s previous skiing experience dated back two years ago, making this their second time hitting the slopes. Nonetheless, the entire family displayed impressive technique and control, with Nei Nei even daring to tackle a small incline. Wu Chun proudly praised his daughter, noting her quick mastery of new skills, drawing parallels between her learning abilities and his own. The look of pride on his face was evident, reflecting the joy of witnessing his daughter’s progress.