“Brown Face” actress in TVB drama apologises after sparking controversy among the local Filipino community


    20th April 2022 – (Hong Kong) A Filipino domestic helper ‘Louisa’ played by local actress and singer Franchesca Wong in e latest episode of TVB’s new drama “Barrack O’Karma 1968 – 2”  has sparked controversy among the local Filipino community. Franchesca had her whole body darkened and she even changed her accent to emulate a native Filipino.

    TVB also responded to the incident later, denying discrimination against any particular nationality, emphasising that it has no intention to express disrespect or discriminating against any nationality in any program, and apologised to anyone who may be affected by this incident. Wong, the actress finally responded to the matter for the first time this morning. She wrote in English on Instagram:

    I have taken some time over the past few days to process my emotions, reflect, speak to members of the community and listen to the many voices that have reached out to me.

    I sincerely apologise to all who have been negatively affected in any way by the 7th chapter “Jei Jei” of the Barrack O’Karma 1968 drama series, and my role in it. I have learned through this incident that professionally trying my best to analyse, interpret and act a given role to fulfil the storyline, is only part of the job.

    I genuinely have no intention to disrespect or racially discriminate any ethnic group, please forgive me for getting it wrong. It has been a challenging experience to be at the centre of a lesson that art reflects deeply entrenched social attitudes. Open sharing, if handled well, can surely only be good in raising awareness of issues that need to be discussed. I am truly sorry that my insensitivities have offended and hurt. I am committed more than ever to using my acting for the good of the community.