Bride’s explicit video with groom’s brother surprises guests during wedding banquet in Taiwan

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3rd December 2023 – (Taiwai)A lawyer recently revealed a scene of “ultimate revenge” witnessed during a televised wedding reception. The incident unfolded as the couple’s families gathered for a celebratory banquet, with guests anticipating a heartwarming montage showcasing the growth of the bride and groom. Little did they know that instead of the expected footage, they were met with a startling display of the bride engaging in sexual intercourse with the groom’s elder brother at their new home. The bride’s horrified screams filled the air as she immediately launched an attack on the groom, only to find herself facing a counter-assault from both the groom and his disloyal sibling. The scene quickly descended into a chaotic brawl, all while the explicit footage continued to play in the background. Helpless to intervene, the lawyer quietly exited the venue, later learning that the wedding had been called off.

Lawyer Tsai Cheng Feng, who appeared on a TV program, provided an account of the incident. He disclosed that the groom’s family was affluent, with the father’s business spanning across the globe. As a result, the wedding banquet consisted of only seven to eight tables, with the groom’s elder brother taking on the role of best man.

As the couple made their second entrance, the venue was expected to showcase a montage depicting their personal growth. However, the footage that played shocked the guests. It revealed the bride and the groom’s elder brother in their new home, completely undressed and engaging in explicit activities. The guests were left stunned as the bride erupted in screams and launched an attack on the groom. In response, the groom’s brother retaliated, and instead of questioning his brother’s actions, the groom angrily chastised the bride, exclaiming, “Look at what you’ve done!” The two brothers then joined forces, striking the bride in a coordinated assault. The scene quickly transformed into a full-blown brawl.

Lawyer Tsai Cheng Feng expressed his bewilderment as to why no one intervened to stop the explicit footage from playing. The act of openly disseminating such obscene material was a clear violation, and he noted that the situation could have been far worse if it had occurred during a larger wedding with all the friends and relatives present. The lawyer, unable to do anything, silently left the venue, later discovering that the wedding had been called off.