Bricks flung using home-made giant slingshot at TST police station, molotov cocktails thrown, vehicle motor oil poured by protesters


4th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) During the siege of TST police Station on Austin Road in TST at 7.30pm yesterday, protesters occupied and barricaded part of Austin Road while a protester wrote ‘REVIVE HONG KONG, AGE OF REVOLUTION’. on the road leading to TST police station and also on the building exterior wall.

At the same time, another group of protesters also surrounded Mong Kok police station.

Road leading to TST police station was vandalised.
Exterior wall of TST police station.

Several protesters even flung bricks removed from pavement at the TST police station using a homemade giant slingshot.

Home-made giant slingshot.
Home-made giant slingshot.

At around 8.19pm yesterday, riot police eventually arrived outside of Mong Kok Police Station near Prince Road West, police started to commence clearance. Meanwhile, riot police also arrived at Austin Road to clear protesters by firing tear gas rounds. During the commotion, protesters hurled molotov cocktails at front line riot police while several of them poured vehicle motor oil on the ground. Protesters then gathered near Nathan Road and hurled glass bottles at riot police before they fired tear gas rounds to disperse them.

Molotov cocktail thrown by protesters. Picture credit : stheadline
Motor oil set fire on cardboard. Picture credit : stheadline