Brian Leung Kai-ping, the protestor who removed his mask during the siege of LegCo building flees Hong Kong for United States


7th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) One of the main protestors Brian Leung Kai-ping who removed his mask after storming the Legislative Council Building has left Hong Kong for United States.

According to sources, he booked his flight during the morning before the 1st July protest and left Hong Kong early morning on 2nd July to Taipei. He then flew to United States from Taipei. He was alleged to have prepared for his escape plan before hand.

Some protestors lamented that he was one of the few protest leaders who incited others to besiege the LegCo building but he was also the first to leave the city the next day. Many were frustrated over his lack of accountability.

Chan Wan-Sang, a current affairs analyst suspected that Brian was backed up by powerful foreign parties as most people were scared to remove their masks but surprisingly he dared to speak to protestors with his face exposed. Chan advised protestors not to be used by others as they would pay a heavy price for breaking the law.