Breaking news ! At 63 years old, Rowan Atkinson is still very much alive


Comedy legend and actor Rowan Atkinson has always been the target  for death hoax, with several fake news posts about the actor’s death appearing online. He recently appeared on a local talent show in China as a judge and lamented his experience for being subject of ‘internet violence’ where Facebook pages such ‘RIP Mr Bean’ has reported unverified news of his death. He then apologised for disappointing everyone as he is still alive and kicking.


In July 2018, the death hoax that looks like a breaking news story with a link seemingly to Fox News suggests that the actor died in a car crash after attempting to do a stunt.

The fake post shows a picture of Atkinson along with the caption ‘RIP 1955-2017’ and a ‘play’ button inviting users to play the video.