Breaking! Several rounds of tear gas and non-lethal gun shot fired as anti-extradition protestors clash with police (Live updates)


12th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) 11.02pm – 250 protestors gathered under the bridge at Garden Road. Some of them used crowd control barriers to block off traffic towards Queensway.

10pm – Police have disapproved vehemently any form of protest tomorrow.

21.50pm – Police evicted remaining protestors on Queensway, removed all barriers and most of them retreated to Supreme Court Road before dispersing.

7.50pm – Sources revealed that organisers of protest may not continue with the stand off as priority is given to the safety of the demonstrators. Protestors have been advised to abort mission as it is now easy to disappear in the after work crowd.

7.30pm – More ‘accidents’ are happening simultaneously in Central.

6.35pm – Several vehicles stopped at the junction of Des Voeux Rd Central near World-wide house at 6.30pm. Traffic has come to a complete halt. Sources revealed that more protestors will join in the stand off in Central.

Des Voeux Rd Central

6.09pm – Protestors are slowly retreating on Queensway in Admiralty. A total of 3,000 Riot police have been been deployed and they managed to evict protestors from areas around Legislative Council Building, Lung Wo Road and Tim Wa Avenue successfully.

Admiralty Centre at 6.30pm

6pm – It is unsure how many protestors are injured at this moment but in this video below, paramedics are seen attending to an injured victim.

5.38pm – Riot Police continued to charge forward to disperse the protestors on Harcourt Road.

5.18pm – More riot police officers are charging towards Admiralty.

More riot police are moving towards Admiralty at 5.18pm.

5.14pm – Tear gas was fired near PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Hong Kong Branch on Harcourt Road. Several protestors were injured.

5.13pm – Traffic near Edinburg Place in Central ground to a complete halt. Protestors were seen loitering around the area.

Edinburg Place.

5.09pm – The MTR entrance from Pacific Place Mall is now closed.

5.05pm – Riot police fired 3 more rounds of tear gas at protestors after they attempted to occupy Harcourt Road again.

5.01pm – Riot police fired several rounds of tear gas at United Centre on Queensway.

5pm – Protestors retreated from Harcourt Road into Pacific Place mall.

4.59pm – Many protestors were allegedly being manhandled by force by riot police in Admiralty.

4.36pm – Riot Police fired another round of tear gas at demonstrators.

4.33pm – More back-up riot police officers are on standby at Police Headquarters on 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai. Sources revealed that they planned to disperse the protestors completely.

Riot police officers are on standby at Police Headquarters in Wan Chai.

4.30pm – Water Canon Police truck entered the loading area of Citic Tower.

4.19pm – Police fired two more rounds of tear gas at protestors on Harcourt Road.

3.52pm – Police fired second round of tear gas at protestors in front of Legislative Council Building. White smoke was billowing from the exterior of the building. Many protestors retreated as a result of the tear gas.

3.47pm – Police fired tear gas at protestors in front of Legislative Council Building at around 3.47pm.

3.42pm – Police fired a non-lethal gunshot from a riot shotgun in front of Legislative Council Building. The gunshot was believed to contain beanbag rounds. A bean bag round consists of a small fabric pillow which is filled with lead pellets. One protestor was injured after being shot by the beanbag round.

Protestor injured by rubber bullet.
Tear gas fired by police.
Moments before riot police fired another round of tear gas on Harcourt Road.