Brave citizen attempts to subdue Plaza Hollywood murderer with stools


3rd Jun 2023 – (Hong Kong) A brutal murder occurred at the Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill on June 2 when a man purchased a knife from a home goods store on the second floor and proceeded to the third floor, where he attacked and killed two young women in 20s in just ten minutes. Several videos circulating online show that the attacker did not stop until a brave man in a chef’s uniform appeared and tried to subdue him with two stools. The attacker finally stopped, and the police arrived to apprehend him.

According to eyewitnesses, the attacker was relentless and showed no signs of stopping until the middle-aged man appeared and tried to stop him. The man used two chairs to hit the attacker on the head, causing him to pause and stand next to a nearby mall sign. Both parties faced each other while the attacker looked at the two women lying in a pool of blood. The police arrived and apprehended the attacker, and the middle-aged man left the scene and entered a nearby restaurant with the stools, presumably an employee of the establishment.

Many netizens praised the middle-aged man for his bravery, calling him a hero and a real man.