10th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) After Pocari Sweat withdrew their advertisement placements from TVB broadcasts station yesterday, several other brands have allegedly followed suit. Wonder Life Condoms posted on their Facebook today that, ‘Since the society has repetitively questioned the stance of TVB in recent years, our company has decided to stop using their stations as marketing platform for our products. We will not choose TVB in the future until it reviews its policy stance and addresses public concerns.’

Wonder Life posted a statement on their Facebook today.
Pizza Hut issued a statement today.

Some netizen also wrote to Pizza Hut to ask about their position with regards to advertisement via TVB stations. Pizza Hut sent a reply via their Customer Service Department and stated that they have ended their recent promotion with TVB and they would not have any more commercials on most TV channels including TVB. However, Pizza Hut stopped short of criticising TVB’ political stance. Therefore, we cannot conclusively confirm if Pizza Hut stopped their advertisements because of public concerns or merely for commercial reasons.

Meanwhile, Lee Kin Driving School, another client of TVB also gave similar response to netizen who wrote to them today. They said that their advertising contract with TVB would end in the near term and they would continue to review their marketing channels while promoting traffic safety and safe driving.

Reply from Lee Kin Driving School.
Cigna Insurance

Meanwhile, another insurance company, Cigna Hong Kong also responded to netizen that their commercials with TVB would end within a week and they would periodically review their marketing strategies. Similar to Pizza Hut and Lee Kin Driving School, Cigna Hong Kong did not directly address the public concern issue.

It seems like a chain reaction may have been triggered after Pocari Sweat openly wrote a statement to boycott TVB, however, we are not sure if the damage is grave enough to affect the revenue of TVB.