Brand new HK$45,000 Chanel handbag allegedly stained by dust bag, customer claims Chanel store refuses to accept responsibility


25th November 2022 – (Chengdu) A Mainland woman bought a white CHANEL 19 sheepskin handbag in a boutique in Chengdu International Finance Centre with an asking price of HK$45,000 at a Chanel store, but it was dyed blue when it was new and unused.

Although the owner did not specify the purchase amount, the official regular price of the handbag is about HK$45,000. After the purchase, the victim took out the handbag from the dust bag one day, she was shocked that the unused handbag was dyed blue by the dust bag. She said that the shop employee did not remind her that the dust bag would discolour her bag. The victim also posted pictures of handbag, dust bag, receipt, etc. She also tried to wipe the dust bag with a sponge and found that it would result in discolouration.

Later, the owner took the handbag back to the Chanel store in Hangzhou to request after-sales service. After 7 working days, she received a reply from Chanel saying that “they did not admit that their dust bag would cause discolouration’. They also said that other dust bags have been used for testing and no discolouration was found. The victim also did not provide them with her own dust bag because she was “worried about legal dispute in the future”. She now plans to go to a private institution for testing. Although Chanel may not accept the test results, the victim insists on getting the test results. As of press time, the follow-up development is still unknown.

However, some netizens pointed out that the official dust bag will never lose colour, and questioned that the discolouration was caused by water which eventually turned the handbag blue.