Boy accidentally knocks down giant Teletubby  sculpture worth HK$52,800 in KKplus store, Mong Kok


24th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) When a woman took her 5-year-old boy to visit KKplus store displaying all kinds of rare toys at L12 02-05, 05-09, 10-11, Langham Place Mong Kok two days ago, the child accidentally knocked down a giant Teletubby  sculpture worth HK$52,800 causing it to break into pieces. The child apparently tried to lean against the sculpture to rest but he did not expect it to fall down. Even though the child immediately stretched out his hands to stop the sculpture from falling, it was too late. The woman appeared to be frustrated and annoyed over the incident while the child stood helplessly in front of the broken sculpture while a staff member addressed the issue.

The woman apparently paid for the damage of around HK$33,600 at cost price on the same day. Some netizens criticised the store for not displaying a warning message in front of the sculpture.

After the video of the incident was shared on social media, the father of the child was aggrieved over the incident as he felt that the shop should have taken precautionary measures to prevent shoppers from walking close to the expensive sculpture. He said that his wife contacted the store last night to ask for follow-up, but since the store manager could not be reached, no meeting has been fixed so far. At present, they want to clarify the facts and believe that the store should return to them the relevant amount. The child who is traumatised over the incident has applied to his school for a day off.

KKplus, the toy store involved, issued a statement in the early hours of today (24th), stating that the matter of compensation was initiated by the victim and was completely resolved with the consent of both parties. The sculpture was a first edition and it was retailed at HK$52,800. The store will re-examine the display safety of all decorations. It will also take the initiative to contact the parents of the child to follow up the incident.

A local lawyer said that the parents should demand the shop to return part of the compensation as a child under 10 years old will not be held liable in a civil case. The store should have purchased relevant third party insurance to cover for any loss or damage of properties.

kkplus store in Langham Place