Botox watch: All the FRIENDS REUNION stars that have had ‘work’ according to fans

Picture credit : HBO

Molly Young,

1st June 2021 – After the Friends Reunion recently aired on HBO Max and Sky One, fans are worried that a seventh member may have joined the cast; botox.

Keep reading to find out where the cast members are now as well as fans reactions to their plastic surgery appearances!


Since the final episode of Friends aired nearly two decades ago, the cast has finally reunited for the first time.

In the words of true Friends fans; could we be any more excited for the reunion?

The hit comedy TV show featured six New York friends undergoing the crazy experiences of life together.

After its 1994 release, the show’s finale aired in 2004 and the cast have not reunited as a complete group since.

So, how old are the stars?

Jennifer Aniston began filming as Rachel Greene at 25-years-old and reunited with her previous co-stars at 52.

Aniston has since starred in an array of other projects

Courteney Cox started the show at 30 as Monica Geller and will be turning 56 in June this year.

With a daughter named Coco, the actress has since starred in her own show as well as featuring in various other projects.

As the eldest cast member at the time, Lisa Kudrow (Pheobe Buffay) was 31 and is turning 58 this year.

After writing her pregnancy into the fourth season of Friends, Kudrow now has a son named Julian and continues to pursue her acting career as she often appears on-screen.

While Matt LeBlanc started filming as Joey Tribbiani at 27, he’s now 53-years-old.

As co-host on the Britsh show, Top Gear, as well as many more on-screen features, LeBlanc now has a daughter named Marina.

David Schwimmer became Ross Geller at 28 and is now turning 55 in 2021.

Schwimmer also has a daughter named Cleo and continues to progress his career having voiced a character in Madagascar and much more.

Finally, Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) was the youngest member at only 25 and will be turning 52 this year.

Since starring in many projects, the actor has openly struggled with a very public battle with drug and alcohol addiction, which began while he was already starring as Chandler on the show.

Perry has been sober ever since and even became a spokesman for drugs and charities.


Since the cast began filming as a group of six young adults, the stars reunited after ageing, and fans believe botox was involved.

Despite never admitting to having botox or dermal-fillers, Jennifer Aniston has not denied trying it.

In 2007, she told People:

“I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it. All that cosmetic stuff looks ridiculous on me,”

Perhaps as the most open regarding plastic surgery, Courteney Cox confirmed that she had some regrets but has since had all of her fillers dissolved.

The actress now credits laser therapy as a great, non-invasive alternative.

While Lisa Kudrow has admitted in multiple interviews that she has generally stayed clear of plastic surgery, the actress did however try a nose job at the age of 16.

Although Matt LeBlanc has openly spoken about his struggles with weight gain, it is yet to be confirmed whether or not the actor has gone down the plastic surgery route.

David Schwimmer is the one cast member who has made almost no comments on the process of ageing.

Fans were concerned after seeing Perry in the trailer for the reunion episode, in which he appeared to be slurring his speech.

However, it has since been confirmed that the actor underwent emergency dental surgery just prior to filming the reunion, leaving no cause for concern.