Both HK and Singapore govts are monitoring the epidemic situation closely ahead of air travel bubble launch

Edward Yau

4th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) In response to whether the current epidemic situation will affect the air travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Edward Yau said today that under the agreed arrangement for the bilateral travel between Hong Kong and Singapore, both governments have additional safeguards built in. Both parties will closely observe the trend and the situation. At the moment, he think Hong Kong is enjoying a relatively stable and low-risk situation. Hong Kong has seen the number of COVID-19 cases, particularly those unlinked local cases, come down to a very low level. He hopes this will be maintained. At the same time, Hong Kong is also seeing Singapore, despite some cases, by and large staying within the range that both have agreed upon for the suspension or resumption. So, at the moment, they are keeping an eye on this development and see how things would go.

 The most recent agreement has additional built-in safeguards, including additional three-day observation on the daily number of unlinked local cases at a lower level, and the requirement to stay in the respective cities for 14 days before embarking on the travel bubble without counting the quarantine requirement for those passengers coming from a third place. All these are the measures that both governments have put in.

If circumstances go worse, both governments will see whether there is a need to adjust; if things are going smoothly, stably and safely, Yau think it is everybody’s wish to have the scheme proceed as planned to be launched on 26th May.