“Bossku” Priscilla Ku flaunts flashy lifestyle in media interview

    Priscilla Ku

    18th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Ex-TV Presenter and Actress Priscilla Ku Kei-kwan, also known as “Bossku,” has made headlines once again with her extravagant lifestyle and love for luxury brand Hermès. Recently, she appeared as a judge on the new TV program “Cooking Partners.” During an interview with local media, Ku revealed her passion for dining out, stating that she frequents restaurants almost every night and has tried nearly all the dining establishments in Hong Kong. However, when it comes to cooking, Ku admitted that she has acquired culinary knowledge but prefers not to step into the kitchen. She believes it is important for her family to know that she is capable of cooking, but due to her busy schedule, she rarely has the time to do so.

    Ku’s lavish lifestyle was also evident in her social media posts, where she shared pictures of her luxurious home located in the Mid-Levels area of Hong Kong. The photos showcased a stunning view of the city, including the panoramic sights of Victoria Harbour, Central, Wan Chai, and even Victoria Peak. Additionally, a giant Christmas tree adorned with over a hundred Hermes brand boxes added to the opulence of her residence.

    When asked about her breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour, Ku jokingly remarked that the same view could be seen from The Peak. She also mentioned the challenges of living in the Mid-Levels, where dampness is a constant issue. Ku shared her daily routine of using eight dehumidifiers and emptying eight buckets of water, emphasizing the importance of avoiding excessive humidity, especially as one gets older. She expressed her desire to move to a different location to escape the dampness.

    Regarding her vast collection of Hermes brand boxes displayed in her home, Ku playfully referred to herself as a “trash hoarder” since she tends to keep everything. Her initial intention was to create a piece of “trash art,” and she began collecting various items, including lipstick cases. Even her husband jokes about marrying a “trash hoarder.” As the collection grew, she started wrapping each box in plastic wrap and storing them in a warehouse. The idea of incorporating the boxes into a Christmas tree theme came to her later on. Ku revealed that she has been accumulating these boxes for nearly two decades and continues to add to her collection. She emphasized the need to properly store them due to Hong Kong’s humid weather, as poor packaging could lead to mold and damage.