BLACKPINK’s Macao concert marred by controversies: Fan brawls and assaults, upskirting, and more


    29th May 2023 – (Macao) BLACKPINK’s recent concert in Macau was supposed to be a grand event, attracting a legion of fans and celebrities such as Angelababy, Anita Yuen, and Joey Yung. However, the concert was plagued with controversies, including the resurfacing of China’s “Korean Ban” and a series of fan disputes. While the band performed brilliantly on stage, the audience below was embroiled in an intense fight that left two men brawling and even caused a Chinese influencer Lisa Chen to burst into tears.

    A 30-second video of the brawl quickly went viral on TikTok, with netizens expressing shock and disbelief at the violence. Some fans even lamented the high cost of the concert tickets, wondering why anyone would fight at such an expensive event. Apart from the two men fighting, Chinese influencer Lisa Chen also shared on Weibo that she was assaulted during the concert, saying that she was “punched out of nowhere” and left feeling confused and disoriented.

    The chaos at BLACKPINK’s Macau concert did not stop there. Some fans shared on social media that there was a near-stampede incident in the audience section, with people pushing and shoving each other. Fortunately, Jennie noticed the situation and informed the staff, preventing the situation from escalating. Additionally, Lisa was even hit bya stuffed animal thrown by a fan, prompting her to express her disapproval and disappointment.

    Despite the controversies, BLACKPINK expressed gratitude towards their Macau fans, posting a photo of themselves with fans on their official Weibo account and thanking them for their support. However, their use of the term “Macanese BLINKs” instead of “Macao BLINKs” sparked controversy among Chinese netizens, who argued that the former term was inappropriate and disrespectful to China’s sovereignty over Macao.