BLACKPINK’s Jennie reigns as fashion’s most influential celebrity in 2023

    Jennie from Blackpink

    9th December 2023 – (Seoul) BLACKPINK’s Jennie has been crowned as the most influential celebrity in the fashion industry this year, according to Vogue Korea and Vogue Business. With her collaborations and partnerships with various brands, Jennie continues to ignite a frenzy, causing sold-out collections and website crashes. Her involvement instantly elevates forgotten trends to “Hot Trend” status, solidifying her position as a fashion icon.

    As a Global Ambassador for Calvin Klein, Jennie’s positive impact on the brand has been acknowledged by the team at Calvin Klein on LinkedIn. They expressed gratitude for the success of the “Jennie for Calvin Klein” Capsule Collection launch, which resulted in a remarkable 22% surge in searches for the brand on Lyst, showcasing Jennie’s irresistible charm.

    The global fashion community is buzzing with excitement over the “Jennie for Calvin Klein” Capsule Collection, propelling the brand to significant growth in 2023. On the collection’s release day, fans braved freezing temperatures in Korea, lining up to get their hands on the must-have items from this highly anticipated campaign.

    Jennie’s influence extends beyond clothing collaborations. In Korea, the black Adidas Samba OGs have been affectionately dubbed “Jennie’s shoes.” Since 2022, young people in Korea have been on a quest to find Samba shoes, inspired by Jennie. Media outlets even captured fans camping outside the Myeongdong Adidas store with chairs and blankets, eager to emulate their fashion idol.

    Even during casual outings, Jennie manages to captivate attention and drive sales. Her appearance on the streets of New York in August caused a frenzy, resulting in a complete sell-out of the three items she purchased within a few hours. A car advertisement featuring Jennie also had a similar effect, with the FARFETCH collar dress and edgy boots from XPD she wore selling out everywhere.

    Jennie’s influence extends to unexpected items as well. In May, she unintentionally turned a $21 million hoodie into a hot commodity, selling out within a mere three hours. Despite being the face of Chanel, Jennie keeps her fashion game diverse by often wearing local brands at more affordable prices. Her choice to wear a Cider corset floral crop top during the “Born Pink” world tour led to its immediate sell-out within a day.

    Rolling Stone magazine couldn’t help but acknowledge Jennie’s “sold-out” power in an article titled “Jennie’s Influence: BLACKPINK Star Causes $16 Shirt to Sell Out Instantly.” Fenco Lin and Yu Oppel from Cider, the designers of the mentioned shirt, expressed their excitement and honour at having a K-pop star like Jennie wear their creations.