‘BLACKPINK’ Lisa’s revealing performance at Crazy Horse show in Paris sparks controversy


    29th September 2023 – (Paris) Fans of the popular South Korean girl group BLACKPINK were left in awe as Lisa, the Thai member of the group, made her appearance at the renowned Crazy Horse show in Paris. The performance generated widespread discussion and heated debates among various circles. Lisa donned a short wig and bikini-style dance costume as she posed for pictures with other dancers. However, it was during one segment of the show that she truly captivated the audience with a striptease, gradually removing her garments until she was left only in a thong and bra. While the performance did not cross into explicit territory, attending fans couldn’t help but exclaim, “It left us speechless!”

    Netizens on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo provided detailed insights into Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance. During the 1.5-hour show, Lisa took the stage for a mere 15 minutes, showcasing multiple costume changes. Two of her outfits included the signature “equestrian costume” and a wig featuring short white hair with bangs. The only difference between Lisa’s attire and that of the other dancers was the absence of full nudity. In one particular segment, titled “Crisis Crisis,” Lisa appeared as a working woman, wearing a white shirt, black pencil skirt, and black-framed glasses. The backdrop featured a depiction of a stock market crash on Wall Street. Lisa expressed anger through her dance moves and proceeded to remove each piece of clothing until she was left with only a thong and bra.

    Female fans expressed that Lisa’s performance was not as provocative as it had been portrayed online. Overall, she maintained a level of modesty throughout the show. Lisa made a total of six appearances, with four cameo performances and two main performances, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a BLACKPINK concert. Fellow group members Jisoo and Rosé were present in the audience to show their support, while Jennie, due to work commitments, was unable to attend. Lisa’s rumoured boyfriend, Frédéric Arnault, scion of LVMH, and his family were also in attendance to witness Lisa’s sensational performance.

    Lisa (top 5th from left).

    Lisa was spotted leaving after the performance.