BLACKPINK expresses discomfort as Seungri of BIGBANG faces allegations of inappropriate sexual content hidden in wardrobe

    Seungri (left) and Jennie (right).

    24th May 2024 – (Seoul) Seungri, the former member of the acclaimed South Korean pop group BIGBANG, has once again come under public scrutiny after a BBC documentary laid bare unsettling scenes involving the pop star. The documentary, focusing on scandals within the South Korean entertainment industry, featured footage of Seungri aggressively pulling a woman and threatening violence, reigniting concerns over his past behaviour.

    Seungri, who was embroiled in a series of legal battles that culminated in a prison sentence of 18 months for offences including illicit sexual activities and gambling, was released last year. Despite his release, his past continues to haunt his public image.

    In a specific instance revealed by the documentary, during a scripted show produced by YG Entertainment, interactions between Seungri and his junior label mates from BLACKPINK were portrayed, prompting discomfort among viewers. During the episode of “YG Future Strategy Office,” Seungri invited BLACKPINK to a company event, only to confront them aggressively after being refused. His confrontational tone towards Jennie of BLACKPINK, asking if her refusal was due to her fame, was particularly highlighted as problematic.

    Further revelations were made during an episode of the popular show “Knowing Bros,” where B.I, formerly of iKON, disclosed that Seungri had a stash of inappropriate content in his wardrobe, which he nervously denied during the show. This anecdote added layers to the already complex narrative surrounding Seungri’s controversial figure in the industry.