Bizarre incident of woman continuously slapping herself on MTR platform draws attention


8th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A woman on a Hong Kong MTR platform was observed repeatedly slapping herself, prompting onlookers to burst into laughter. The motive behind her self-inflicted actions remains unknown. Recently, an 18-second video clip circulated online, capturing the scene at a station platform on the Tsuen Wan Line, headed towards Central. The woman, dressed in a blue top, brownish-yellow skirt, and carrying a black bag, inexplicably struck her own face with force, targeting the passengers to her left.

From the footage reflected on the platform’s glass door, it can be seen that the woman to the left remained unfazed, solely engrossed in her mobile phone, leaving observers perplexed. The “self-slapping woman” continued her unusual behaviour, delivering at least four slaps consecutively. During this time, another woman passed by, casting a curious glance at the self-inflicting woman, while the video captured the continuous laughter of multiple individuals.