Bitcoin teeters near HK$60,000 due to market uncertainty and Mt. Gox unlocks


4th July 2024 – (New York) Bitcoin experienced a sharp downturn on Wednesday, with its value hovering perilously close to $60,000, even as global stock markets surged to record highs. The contrasting fortunes of traditional assets and the cryptocurrency have left investors and analysts searching for explanations.

The recent slump in Bitcoin is partly attributed to the nearly $9 billion worth of Bitcoin unlocks from the defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox, which has begun making substantial disbursements to creditors. These large-scale distributions have raised fears of potential market sell-offs, contributing to the current bearish sentiment surrounding Bitcoin.

Tony Edward, host of Thinking Crypto, provided insights into the situation in a recent interview. “If you look at historical data, such pullbacks aren’t uncommon in Bitcoin’s cycle,” Edward noted, referring to the cryptocurrency’s performance after significant run-ups. “After the last halving event, which saw a surge due to heavy demand and inflows from ETFs, a market cooldown was inevitable.”

Another significant factor affecting Bitcoin’s performance is the strength of the US dollar. A robust dollar often leads to weaker Bitcoin prices, a correlation that is evident in the current market dynamics. “The macroeconomic trends are aligning as expected,” Edward added, suggesting that the downturn is a normal part of Bitcoin’s market cycle.

Despite the overall 13% decline in Bitcoin’s value over the last month, the backdrop of a strong stock market and a dovish stance from the Federal Reserve on inflation could have been expected to buoy Bitcoin prices. This apparent contradiction, according to Edward, is due to the lag between positive macroeconomic developments and their impact on cryptocurrency markets. “ETF inflows and bullish sentiment take time to reflect in the price movements of Bitcoin,” he explained.

Looking forward, Edward highlighted the crucial support level for Bitcoin around $58,000, a figure also noted in a recent Glassnode report as a threshold where short-term holder losses might significantly increase. “If Bitcoin breaks below this level, it could invalidate many bullish setups and signal a deeper correction,” he cautioned. However, he remains optimistic, believing that the market is close to reaching a bottom and expects a rebound soon.