Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Zendaya, David Beckham, Sho Hirano and more A-List celebrities rumoured to attend Louis Vuitton fashion show at Avenue of Stars tonight


    30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Louis Vuitton (LV), the renowned international luxury brand, is set to showcase its Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection at the iconic Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong this evening. The location, chosen for its significance, has been a hive of activity in recent days, with workers preparing the Avenue of Stars and constructing the fashion runway. This evening, the venue will transform into a fashion stage curated by creative director Pharrell Williams. The event will be live-streamed online at 8pm, allowing a global audience to witness this grand occasion.

    Rumours have been circulating online that celebrities such as Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z, Zendaya, Hyein from NewJeans, and Taeyeon will be in attendance. Additionally, Song Joong-ki, the South Korean LV ambassador and popular actor, has confirmed his presence at today’s event. Yesterday, he was spotted at Incheon Airport carrying a green Keepall travel bag as he boarded a flight to Hong Kong. Japanese actor Sho Hirano and Felix from Stray Kids have also confirmed their arrival in Hong Kong. Pictures have surfaced online showing Sho Hirano dressed in LV attire at the Hong Kong airport, and he even posted on Instagram last night, indicating his presence in the city.

    In addition to these stars, Taiwanese actor Austin Lin, Felix from Stray Kids, and Thailand’s Jaokhun Wattanasin have also been seen at the airport sporting LV outfits. Jaokhun Wattanasin shared a photo on Instagram, stating his intention to attend the event. Moreover, there have been reports of David Beckham, a longtime patron of LV, being spotted by netizens in Wan Chai. It is highly likely that he will make an appearance as well.

    The LV fashion show will also feature several popular mainland Chinese artists, including singer Justin Huang, Gong Jun, MASIWEI, Ma Jiaqi from TNT Boyband, Song Ya Xuan, Zhang Zhenyuan, and He Junlin. These celebrities were captured by fans at the airport, all dressed in LV attire, and boarding flights to Hong Kong. As for the local guest list, actor Lam Ka-fung has enthusiastically shared his invitation card online, confirming his attendance. The organisers have also extended invitations to Aaron Kwok, Louis Koo, Nicholas Tse, Karena Lam, Jan Lamb, Hins Cheung, Anson Lo, Edan Lui, Ian Chan, Terence Lam, Tyson Yoshi, Jeffrey Ngai, Marf Yau, Jace Chan, Jeannie Ng Ka-yan, Terrence Lau, Zhu Jianran, Kevin Kam-Yin Chu, Shen Yue, and many more local, Asian, and international celebrities and fashion influencers.

    Hong Kong singer Jan Lamb was also invited.