Best Grand Theft Auto V mods to install online


23rd June 2020 – (Hong Kong) 7 years after its release, Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) is still going stronger than ever. Just recently, it showed promising numbers with its Steam player count. Thanks to the recent record breaking sale price of “free”, everyone is ready for some more mayhem in Los Santos. For the players that love the GTA 5 experience, modding is an essential part of the gameplay. If you’re a dedicated fan of the game, you’ve probably seen some insane mods in your recommended feed on social media. The appeal of GTA is its free sandbox accessibility for modders. If you can imagine it in GTA, someone has probably modded it if you dig deep enough.

In the past 7 years, GTA has built up a vast collection of mods, both good and bad. Thanks to this large volume, it’s quite difficult to gauge which mods are worth installing. Besides that, some mods might pose a danger to your PC. Just like most things installed on a PC, the vast majority of these mods can be too buggy for your computer.

Now that you’re finally ready to get into the practice of modding, you can experience GTA 5 through the lenses of its most creative players. Today, we have compiled some of the best mods to improve your lifestyle in Los Santos. Each of these mods are extremely popular with the community and this popularity almost seems like the perfect blueprint for Rockstar Games to copy in GTA 6.

The mods we have in this list are influential to the extent that they can make GTA 5 feel like a completely new game.

1. GTA V Redux

Probably the most eye-catching mod ever created in a video game, GTA V Redux is so pleasing to the eyes that you’ll question the beauty of the real world around you. The graphical overhaul from the Redux mod adds some new dynamic weather effects, lighting, reflections and sharp 4K textures that make in-game environments look like a detailed lifelike painting.

With 7 years on its belt, there’s only so much Rockstar can do to improve the graphics. This mod doesn’t have the limits of satisfying recommended specs. Instead, if you have the resources to run Redux on your PC, then why not make things look more awesome than ever. With the recently announced PS5 edition of GTA V, we will soon see how Redux compares to “the most innovative console of this generation”.

Beyond just textures and graphics, the Redux mod even improves the handling of vehicles, changes how cops behave and the overall intelligence of NPCs to make things more immersive and believable. With Redux, Los Santos might be a realer place than Los Angeles at this point.

2. Complex Control

The Complex Control mod for GTA 5 essentially changes every aspect of the GTA V experience. If you’ve always wondered what an overhaul of the GTA V systems would look like, this mod is made specifically for you. With the additions in this mod, you’ll want to save your GTA 5 money for the 100 new unique skins for your Grand Theft Auto modded account. Additionally, there are 55 new abilities to use such as teleportation and flight. Essentially, this makes GTA 5 into a completely new game.

With new Battle Royale mechanics, permadeath and some roguelite elements, you probably won’t need to save money for any new video games by the time you’ve explored the contents of Complex Control.

The mod even features some procedural gameplay elements and permanent progression. This mod is truly a game changer According to some research, the developers of this mod took over 1,500 hours of solo development, that’s like a noob Rust player’s total playtime! It’s a perfect way to get a sense of how impactful mods can affect a video game. When you download this mod, thank the modders at THEAETIK for Complex Control.

3. Gang and Turf

In GTA 5, there is a noticeable lack of the intense gang warfare we all loved in San Andreas. With GTA V being a sort of spiritual successor to San Andreas, Lucas Vinicius, the creator of this mod decided to bring that same experience to a newer world. Just like in San Andreas, the squad-based organization of gangs and the territory capturing elements are all present in this mod.

With close attention to San Andreas as a source material, you can enjoy gang warfare and increase your notoriety and earn a lot more GTA V money from your subordinates. The crews are identified by the colours they wear and each member of a gang is registered. Beyond that, the system gets more intriguing with team vehicles that are used for squad transportation of gang members and you can even get backup during a shootout with crew members coming in with their vehicles or parachutes.

Obviously, this mod can make things a lot more chaotic than the regular GTA 5. However, watching multiple gangs fighting for the same land is a sight to behold. Be careful though, some gangs might randomly relocate their spawn point, and it might just end up on your turf.

4. Funny Vehicles Pack 1 and 2

In GTA 5, Rockstar managed to satisfy the itch that players usually have for vehicles in GTA games. However, there are only so many vanilla vehicles you can spend your GTA 5 money on before things start to get stale. If you’re looking for some spicy pop culture references to run away from cops in, this mod might be up your alley.

For one, Walter White’s vehicle from Breaking Bad is a part of this ambitious mod. Yes, you can ride a portable meth lab in the city of crazy meth heads like Trevor. Alternatively, you can also drive around in Mad Max’s Doof Wagon which is like a man eating monster on the road.

5. Gravity Gun

If you’ve ever played Half-Life 2, you definitely recognize this iconic weapon. The Gravity Gun is a weapon that can be equipped in GTA 5 to do some crazy tricks with objects, vehicles… and people. All you need to do is equip the gun, aim it at your target, hold E and move the camera around and watch your target float. If you want to see something crazy, pick up a target, hurl them and watch it fly far, far away. It’s almost like a Team Rocket defeat! The poor NPCs have no choice but to beg for their lives or throw some slurs at you. But you’re flinging the haters away, so no problem.

6. Open All Interiors

In GTA 5, there is only so much all your accrued GTA V Money can buy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include access to every building in Los Santos. With this mod, the immersion of the world is improved. In Open All Interiors, all the content isn’t just created by the modders. It actually includes some content that was originally planned to be part of GTA 5. There are now 50 new interiors to explore. According to NewTheft, the modder, these interiors are great for staging shootouts and making your videos.

GTA 5’s world is a really beautiful place, why not make it bigger and better with new interiors!

7. After Hours SP

If you’ve explored the world of GTA Online, you’ve definitely encountered the nightclub update that totally eclipses the single player nightclub experience. Once you’ve installed this mod for your single player experience, you can DJ within a club in real-time. Simply activate the menu to gain access to this. Naturally, you can expect some of your own custom music to be uploaded for your clubbers. Moreover, you can select the décor in your club to fully customize your night scene.

Unfortunately, the After Hours SP mod does not have the feature that allows players to promote their venues. This feature is only available in the multiplayer version from Rockstar in GTA Online.

8. Grand Theft Space

In GTA V, the Grand Theft Space allows players to be transported into the cosmos beyond human access. No amount of GTA V money can buy this sight to behold. In Grand Theft Space, there are 11 planets to see, three moons and a working space shuttle. There might be alien life, but it’s up to you to discover the fun. The mod is quite ambitious, but it is still quite modest. Eventually, the modders might create the GTA space we’ve occasionally dreamed of!